Monday, 9 September 2013

Bad Grammar (GROUP 7)

The topic we chose for our CIA was Grammar. Grammar is the most essential part for our communication. It makes our speech more sensible, meaningful and easily understood. 

In this short video we have covered the following topics:
1. What is grammar?
2. Examples of poor grammar.
3. Reasons for bad grammar.
4. Effects of poor grammar.
5. How to improve grammar.

This video helps us understand what grammar is, common errors we make and how we can improve our grammar.

The video has been made by:
 Madhuri N   1313156 (1st CEP)
 Priya T        1313125 (1st CEP)
 Sanjana S    1313127 (1st CEP)
Aparna B    1314020 (1st CEP)

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