Sunday, 8 September 2013



"Maa" said the soft voice almost musical,
I want to see the world.
I want to see the beautiful people around,
I want to hear every sound,
Sound of music and love.
"Maa" i want to see the world.
"My Dear" said the mother in pain,
the world is nothing but full of people vain.
The term beautiful for people does not exist anymore,
what lasts is only relationship which are sore.

The world as you think is not as good a place,
here women are tortured, assaulted and played.
Here men act as hungry wolfs for sex
and hence, the world is in such a mess.
Tell me! would u want to see such such a world?
Were the only sound you can hear is of cries and breaking hearts,
tell me dear what did u say at the start?

Your pretty eyes will not be able to hold such a dreadful sight,
your little fragile heart will not be able to take the pain,
My daughter your lucky to not have to go through shame. 
Because that will not let the world harm you
Before anything wrong happens, i will make sure you attend heavens call.

I have written this poem based on the chapter 'Lajwanti' written by Rajinder Singh Bedi. The chapter is about how women are looked down upon and how male dominated  the society is. It describes the situation of women in the rural areas of our country. Even though the protagonist realizes his mistake at the end of the story, he too at a point of time used to dominate his wife and ill treat her. Later on he becomes apologetic but according to my understanding of the poem, his wife is already too heart broken and hollow. After her husband starts treating her the way he is supposed to, she doesn't like it or should I say her heart which is already in turmoil cannot accept the good behavior. She gets so used to the pain and harsh attitude of her husband that she can't really believe that her husband has changed for good.
     In the story, a few of Indian women are abducted and when they are returned to their land, their husbands do not want to accept them back. They hurt their wives for the sins they have not committed. The women are hurt and assaulted as men from the other land literally take them away to sober down their lust. No one cares about what will happen to the women, will they ever be able to get on with their lives?
     The poem I've written is a conversation between a mother and her yet-to-be-born daughter. The daughter from inside her mother's womb wishes to see the world and the beautiful people who live in it. Her soul is so pure that it has no clue about the reality and the happenings in the world. Her mother then gives her a reality check by saying that world is not a paradise if that's what she's thinking. It's merely a chase between women trying hard to be safe and men who are hungry for sex!
   The mother probably doesn't have the strength to let her daughter (who hasn't even taken birth yet) go through the pain and the shame which most of the women have to face in today's world. So she decides to abort her girl child not because she doesn't love her but because the fear has sunk in so deep in her heart that she is not sure whether her daughter will stay safe or not. The society is in a very sorry state when it comes to the safety of women and their position. And if situations dont get better in the near future then I'm afraid no mother would want to give birth to a girl child.

Varsha Tibrewal

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