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Film Review - PINJAR (Nivedhita Venkatesh 1313124)

PINJAR (2003)
CAST:UrmilaMatondkar, Manoj Bajpai, Sanjay Suri, KulbhushanKharbanda, IshaKoppikar, Farida Jallal, SandaliSinha and PriyanshuChatterjii
Director: Chandra PrakashDwivedi
Music: Uttam Singh

Chandra PrakashDwivedi brings yet another awe inspiring story to the big screen, based on a novel by Amrita Pritham called ‘Pinjar’. The film consists of some very familiar faces, who managed to do a splendid job portraying their characters rather very illustratively.
The movie depicts the story of a Punjabi woman, Puro (UrmilaMatondkar), whose life turns in to a rollercoaster, when suddenly her life seems to come to a standstill when she has been abducted by a Muslim man, who does so just to settle an ancestral feud between two families. Puro’s family faces a lot of hardships after puro’s untimely disappearance, especially after fixing her marriage with Ram Chand(Sanjay Suri), from a promising family. On the other end, Puro faces hardships of her own when she is forced to marry Rashid(Manoj Bajpai), her abductor, she is forced to change her name and Puro soon is conceived with a child from rape.
But soon the tables turn as the year of independence is attained which is followed by the untimely partition, which gave birth to two countries India and Pakistan. This partition brings about various changes affecting Puro , Rashid, Ramchand and their families. Soon Puro’s hatred for Rashid resided as Rashid’s love for Puro had raptured him immensely that he did everything to help Puro out of her distresses. Some instances also lead to her finally meeting her fiancĂ© who she had never met personally. As time went by, Puro actually finds herself falling in love with Rashid, will Puro accept his love for her?
Some of the factors that let down the movie was the music, as few of the songs weren’t suitable pertaining to some scenes, they were extremely long which led me to twitch uncomfortably in my seat. The movie is solemnly revolves around the cruelty and the violence against women, loss of humanity and ultimate surrender to essential fate. The movie is nearly a four hour movie, so there were instances where I was left disinterested in certain scenes. But the movie on the whole is a worth watch as it portrays the scenario during the pre and post-independence ages. The movie takes you through a journey, to revisit which is a completely different experience. The direction and cinematography lacked in certain areas. The costume designs blended in perfectly and the set design was made as realistic as possible, which was a good effort.
Despite the films minor shortcomings it truly depicts a rapturing experience through a journey back to the past in a time machine, suspense filled and definitely worth paying the whole ticket price.

By NivedhitaAndhapakalaVenkatesh
1st CEP


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