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The novel Pedro Paramo, was written by a Mexican writer and photographer, Juan Rulfo. 
During the lifetime of Juan Rulfo, he had written two famous short stories; Pedro Paramo and El Llano en llamas. It was these two books that gave Rulfo’s career the hike that he deserved.

        Pedro Paramo is a title given after the main character, Pedro. This story starts off with the narrator; Juan Rulfo’s mother’s death. At her death bed, he agrees to fulfill her last wish that is going to the city of Comala where his father, Pedro Paramo lives. She asks him to request Pedro to give him all that he deserves. Agreeing to this request of his dying mother, Rulfo sets off to Comala, Mexico. Here he meets various people like Father Renteria, Dorotea and others. When Rulfo reaches his destination, he feels the urge to clarify from others about his father’s presence, which leads him to realizing the fact that there is another man who is the son of Pedro Paramo. In the further story, Rulfo realizes that it Miguel Paramo is the other son of Pedro Paramo. Miguel Paramo is known to be the complete opposite of Rulfo. He is wild and a serial rapist whereas Rulfo is peace loving and respectful of women. It is said that there are two sides of the story been shown. One is of the good times of Comala and the other is of the bad. In the context of the story
we see that Pedro Paramo never loved his wives or his children. After the death of his wife, he never did take care of his son Miguel Paramo. He did not love him. Pedro always loved his one true childhood love, San Juan. She meant the world to him and when she had to leave town with her father, Pedro was taken aback and always waited for her. When she returned, she went mad and hysterical about her dead husband and started picturing him everywhere. Pedro then realizes that he can never be a part of her world. When she dies, Pedro buries her body and promises vengeance. He promised to stop working and the whole country will die of hunger. This is the reason why Rulfo’s mother send him there to receive what he deserves and what he was deprived off all these years. This even shows the justification of the fact that Comala is now a dead and dry city. Further, Rulfo has an encounter with Dorotea who recites her story about the dead and dry Comala. Rulfo in the story realizes that the city is now filled with people who are perceived to be dead. And this is why he recalls his mother’s saying, that it is in this place that he would feel her alive again. It would be in this place that he would remember the memories and forget about her death. In this fear, Rulfo dies. He is then buried along with the body of Dorotea.

               According to me, this story has the essence of imagination. It is this story that your imagination tends to run wild and we start to imagine a city full of dead people actually talking about their lives which they have lived. I feel this story has got the power to make people think and is a true work of fiction. I am surely excited to read the other books of Juan Rulfo.

                                                                                   - SUKRUTI PRABHU (1 CEP – 1313154)

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