Monday, 9 September 2013

Skit - Scientific Religion (GROUP 6)

Our reason for choosing a topic like scientific religion was because its not only a sensitive and hard hitting  subject to both, believers of different religions and people of science but also because it helps audiences to infer and bring out various reasons, opinions and perspectives in helping one to distinguish between the two as both regardless of their differences help teach us the symbolic meaning of the way life is. Through our skit, we believe that both science and religion go hand in hand and therefore they must be weighed equally. What better way to express our perspectives and hear different beliefs in a courtroom where our skit was enacted showcasing two sides of a coin which in the end is seen as one or a single coin with both sides to it . 

Members (1st TCE) -
Shannon Court - 1314034,
Aswin S. Varrier - 1314001,
Rajarshi Banerjee - 1314026,
Phalguni Rao - 1314014,
Roshini Miranda - 1314022.

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