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Essay - Science and Religion (SUBHIKSHA SAHAY 1314018)

Science and religion
We always hear “Science deals with facts and religion deals with faith “.This difference has created a conflict between science and religion which seems to be endless just as its start. It’s been ages since this conflict has been there in our mortal lives. In an article by William Lane Craig, he said that science and religion (since Christianity is also a religion) are not allies in the search for truth, but adversaries. But this conflict is vile if one doesn’t have deeper knowledge of the two similar yet different concept of life.
Some say that science and religion are mutually irrelevant, that they represent two non-over-lapping domains but are in a quest to truth. Science is usually regarded as a strictly objective approach to truth, employing exacting, and universally verifiable methodology; religion, more often than not, is portrayed as a dogmatic and inflexible set of revealed doctrines and laws that are either to be accepted or rejected only.
For these people religion limits ones imagination while Science is all based on imagination. Think about it, if you have a bunch of rules, with cent percent believe true despite no scientific evidence. Wouldn't your imagination and thinking be limited to what is accepted within these bunches of rules? For these reasons, religion limits thinking. It limits the advancement of technology. It cannot coexist with religion because of its primitive rules.
But religion has involved with science since its beginning, it’s just that those science/ reasons have disappeared with time. The history did have people who had reasons for every religious action but they preferred to keep their knowledge to themselves instead of telling others. That is why religion is about faith because those facts and reasons have been lost. For example religious stuff talk about chakra’s and auras which was later talked by science. Today’s science can not show the facts for a lot of things which used to be explained by religion.
Science and religion provide complementary insights by addressing the same reality from different perspectives. Explanations derived from both science and religion does not have to rival each other. They can be understood as different ways of looking at the same thing. Thus, a scientist who is also a religious can understand the world as the creation of God while he still seek scientific explanations for things in the world and for the origins of the world itself.
The best thing about this approach is that it values both science and religion as ways of understanding the world.
By-Subhiksha sahay
1st TCE

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