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Movie Review - Ratatouille (by SWETHA MAHESH 1313158)

Movie review

Chapter- South Indian Filter Coffee with Amma

Movie- Ratatouille 

The story evolves about a rat who loved cooking and reading the book of gusteau, making him completely different among the rest of the rats, which made him have a quality of human beings. Remy is a member of a large family of rats who ply the trash cans and sewers of a Parisian suburb, just like good rats should. "Eat your garbage!" commanded Remy's father, Django, obviously a loving parent. The rats are evicted from their cozy home in a cottage-kitchen ceiling in a scene which had rat-haters in the audience cringing. Remy had always been blessed or cursed, with a refined palate and a sensitive nose, and now he starts skulking around the kitchen of Gusteau, his culinary hero.Once, when there was a fight with a lady across the street in one of he houses, it separated Remy from his family, though he tried his best to stay together. But, he ended up losing them, thus making him reach the city of Paris. He see’s gusteau restaurant and somehow reaches to the kitchen where he sees a person trying to get a job over there but ends up being a garbage man ( linguini) .Linguini and Remy meet and somehow establish trust and communication, and when Linguini gets credit for a soup that the rat has saved with strategic seasonings, they team up. Remy burrows into Linguini's hair, is concealed by his toque, can see through its transparent sides and controls Linguini by pulling on his hair as if each tuft were a joystick. Together, they astonish Paris with their genius. All of this begins as a dubious premise and ends as a triumph of animation, comedy, imagination and humanity. What is most lovable about Remy is his modesty and shyness, even for a rat. He has a body language which is so expressive that many humans would trade for it. Many animated characters seem to communicate with semaphores, but Remy has a repertory of tiny French hand gestures, shrugs and physical expressiveness.
  Remy soon finds out that Linguini is the son of gusteau and that this secret was hidden from everyone by Chef Skinner itself and thus he is kicked out of the restaurant.
Until the end  of the story, Remy is not revealed to anyone but at the end he is shown and told to every other person / staff including Colette Tataou (Linguini’s (loved one) by linguini and is explained that he was the one who had helped him cook. Everyone finds it hard to believe, but Colette returns back believing in him to see all of Remy’s relatives helping in the kitchen to serve  the best food ever cooked for Anton ego, who was a food critic and whose reviews could make or break a restaurant. He loved the food and after seeing the chef (Remy) when everyone in the restaurant left (according to, Colette and linguini) he was shocked like other people, not believing that a rat could be this extraordinary.
Thus, they created a new restaurant which came to be ratatouille whose chef obviously was Remy himself and which was popular enough to be the best restaurant in Paris.

Swetha Mahesh
1st CEP

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