Monday, 9 September 2013

MY SEPARATION (Deena Dixon 1313135)

                                                  God- My supporting power gifted her when I was fifteen, and so that beyond a sister I was a mother to her. I was really excited to welcome her into my life. She was an angel who paved way for health and wealth. A sister at the age of fifteen, something  which was unimaginable for me. I was in a dream land where everything seems to b unusual to me. Actually I was terribly in a confused state weather I can love my sister as I love myself or not. Where will she be loved more than me or will she be cared more than me, such question rolled over my mind because I was the princes in my sweet home...but I don’t know, I was little bit sad imagining  that I will be less considered in my family moreover I was happy that I am going to be an elder sister for the first time.
                                               I prayed for the baby in mother’s womb, I found out beautiful names for, i really cared my mom as my granny. On October eighth, as usual I called my dad enquired about my mother’s condition. Then he said surprisingly said “your angel is here” when I heard this four beautiful words from him, I jumped, danced, screamed from my school and everybody was shocked to see me this excited  state. After my class with all my friends i went to the hospital .when I saw her for the first time, she was sleeping on my granny’s lap covered in an orange plannel. My grandma refused to give her to me because I was tiered and dirty all the way from school. But my dad asked me to sit and gave her to me, when I eagerly looked at her she opened her eyes and no one will believe that she was in a mood to smile. When I viewed her black eyes, I felt like all smaller sins have been washed away.

                                             After her birth, she was only my love and life .I may die for her. Without her my life is dark. Then I realised, my past life was empty without her... I played with her, danced with her, fought with her, but whenever she cries my heart breaks . my mom used to advice us not to be so close, because even if I are go for higher education then we may have difficulty at that period without seeing each other... but we both never cared her  words. But right now, in similar way, I am suffering, both of us...  This separation between us really kills me in one way or in other way.  Sleepless night thinking over my angel is painful. Pillows that absorb my tears are my relief. Sweet voice through the phone is my inspiration and if I couldn’t  here it, my whole day is a waste. The repeated words from her whenever she calls me, the same “I MISS YOU”.  But She never knew how I feel for her and  miss her , its more than a million times ... I really cannot express my feelings towards her separation .. its  really words failing.... and it kills
1st CEP

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