Monday, 9 September 2013



Everyday as we travel for our daily activities from one point to another, or when we go for a holiday to another city or town, (sometimes even a village) we come across millions of signboards. Some signboards grab our attention, some of them make us purchase the commodity being advertised. But some, make us gawk and wonder as to which language it is supposed to be. It is nothing but the murder of English grammar. 
 Many a time, newspapers and magazines too make silly mistakes even though there are various teams to read and proof read before publishing. We need to be careful, especially while publishing material for public viewing and must keep our basic grammar rules in mind.
We have compiled few images of some funny sights for this assignment. The viewer will remember many of the signboards that have been noticed in the past and chuckle, if not laugh out loud. 
Next time you spot a silly sign, place a wreath around it and mourn the demise of English Grammar. 

- Allan Wilfred (1st CEP 1313131)
   Nikhil Pai (1st CEP 1313144)      

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