Monday, 9 September 2013

Documentary on Childhood (GROUP 4)

The term childhood is explored in the story “Childhood” by Ismat Chugtai, who introduces it by talking about the generalizations made about childhood.  He calls it ‘carefree’ and ‘filled with joy’. We, as a group decided to make a documentary investigating the lives of children who might change our views about the happiness prevalent in our earlier years.
We found a lot of differences between children coming from a richer family as compared to a poorer background. The children we see on the streets made an impact on us.  We decided to visit the Ashwini Charitable Trust, and interviewed a few members. We also talked to children there and realized that they are happy, and that NGOs really do make a difference to their lives.  It gave us hope and motivated us to make a change as well. We trust the documentary will make you feel the same way

Group Members: 
Nyrika Bose-1313138 (1st CEP)
Crishnaa Joshi-1313148 (1st CEP)
Maithreyi Sairam-1313152 (1st CEP)
Reecha Kulkarni-1313126 (1st CEP)
Akash Deep Sharma-1313141 (1st CEP)
Debargha Das-1313107 (1st CEP)

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