Monday, 9 September 2013

My Grandmother's House (SAURABH SURESAN V P 1313146)

Description :
Memories are always abstract.
They come and go in different forms.
The painting is an abstract art work, depicting the memories and the
feelings of the poetess. She is lonely and upset. Visiting her
grandmothers house reminds her of the love and affection she had for
her grandmother. She is lost in her own nostalgic world of memories.
The painting depicts the memories of the poetess. She thinks about the
dark windows, the cracked walls n doors, and the books on the racks.
The house is now empty and cold and she is scared. Today she is a
grown up who can understand things which she couldn't understand as a
child. The books on the racks remind her of her grandmother who used
to narrate her stories. The same books which now are covered by

- Saurabh Suresan 
1st CEP

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