Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A simple dish - poem by Pratik Krishna

                                                                   A simple dish
This poem starts off with the head chef screaming out to his team about the escalating rush of customers in a restaurant. And in this team was a tiny saucier or a cook in change of making all the sauces, soups and gravies. Her job then was to make a lentil soup, a humble yet great dish. It is in the essence of making the soup that the poem unfolds. This tiny saucier slowly starts remembering her childhood and how a dull dish like the lentil soup has a long standing weight on her ability to cook. And as she cooks, she adds with the spices, her various experience to enrich the palate. And with this poem the poet wishes to emphasize on the importance of emotions and history in the process of cooking and serving even the most simple dish.
1)  “The dinner rush is
Up! “shouted the chef,
And registered it was
by the tiny little
Woman, a saucier…

2)       And as the crowd
grew, she moved swiftly
grabbing all the spices
She could, to make a
Lentil soup…

3)       “What’s so great about
A soup?,” you may ask,
but to her it is the greatest dish ever it was
her only food once…

4)       It was the time of
War, in her Saharan
Country, when millions
Poisoned themselves,
And others starved…

5)       And then there were
the few that sucked
alee in foreign lands,
she was one of them
hoping to see the happy sun…

6)       And in that turmoil,
her only hope was to
eat a nice, hot bowl of
soup, may it be rotten,
or more, she wanted to eat…

7)       And, hence was embedded
The seed of hunger, giving
way for the thirst to cook,
a Marco in the making, to
please all critical tongues…

 8)     And in these experiences
she cooks the soup, adding
all the spices, purees and seasonings, boiling it till
it softens the last lentil…

9)       And as it entered the
Mouth of the little boy,
a rush of flavors raced
about, and a simple dish
humbled history…
-          Prathik Krishna
-          1313145
-          1CEP


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