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Book Review - A train to Pakistan (CHITRESH SHRIVASTVA 1313106)

Book Review
Book name: Train to Pakistan
Authored by: Khushwant Singh
Related to the chapter- Lajwanti
Author of the chapter: Rajinder Singh Bedi
Submitted to: Joseph Edward Felix
Submitted by: Chitresh Shrivastva
Class: 1CEP
Register no.1313106

Brief Summary
Train to Pakistan written by Khushwant Singh narrates the most tragic event that took place in the history of India. Partition perhaps was one of the most horrific events which nobody would want to revisit although this has given rise to division of states within the Country itself. A very recent example is the division of Andhra Pradesh into 3 divisions. A very well-articulated book written by the author.but before we move into the review of this book let us know something about the author:
Khushwant Singh was born in 1915 in Hadali in Pre-partition Punjab. He was educated at a Government College in Lahore and also at the King’s College and the Inner temple in London. He practiced at the Lahore High Court for a few years. He joined the Ministry of External Affairs in 1947. In 1951, he embarked his career as a journalist with All India Radio. He is also an accomplished historian and an award winning novelist. His works include translations, joke books, books on women, Delhi, nature and current affairs
In 1974 he was awarded Padma Bhushan award. He was also the member of the Parliament from 1980-86.
Book Review
the book A Train to Pakistan revolves around the events that ultimately led to partition of INDIA into two different countries. beginning with the spotting of a pig near the mosque aroused anger amongst the muslims and similar reaction was seen when a dead cow was spotted near the temple . Not only was the life of the common man unstable but also the politics witnessed the tremors of this instability with the acceptance of the fact that the division of india into two countries was inevitable.
the book comprises of some very disturbing images which though disturb ones mind and heart speak the truth of what actually happened. there was blood, violence everywhere. women were abducted and forced to convert into the religions of the abductors some killed themselves to save their virue and honour trains carrying the bodies of the people slained by the miscreants reached both the sides which further fuelled the revolt.
The amount of violence and traumatisation that the people underwent has been clearly been exhibited in this wonderful book which i believe the reader can only understand when he reads the book. I therefore conclude by saying that this is a must read book .
thank you

-Chitresh Shrivastva
1st CEP

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