Monday, 9 September 2013

Short Story - Little Moments (NIKHITA MENON 1313123)

“Welcome home!” my grandmother exclaimed in excitement at the site of us.  It was not my first visit to India, but definitely my first visit to Kerala. Here is where my grandparents from my mother’s side resided. I scan the area around the house. It is covered with all sorts of plants of different shapes and sizes. At the corner of the house was a well with many cattle around.  “Samara, why don’t you come inside? It’s quite hot outside” my grandfather asked in our native language – Malayalam.  Unable to reply back in the same language I nodded my head and walked in.  “Ma, can you switch on the air conditioner, I am feeling really hot” I asked as I walked in the house and saw my mother. Immediately after learning my little statement my mother started to laugh. My father, grandmother and grandfather also joined in. “Samara….we don’t have an air conditioner but the fans here work wonders” my grandmother said as she went to the other room.  No air conditioning, how can people hear bear this heat? This is not the way I planned on spending my summer vacation.  “Why don’t you go and see around?” my dad came and asked. Since I had nothing better to do I decided to explore.
Every room seems close to normal. The room that captured my attention the most was my mother’s childhood room.  I went in room and sat on the bed. On the opposite wall, photo frame’s containing my mother’s photo as a baby and of various phase of her life. Most people say I am ‘a carbon copy’of my mom, now I see what they mean. Across this wall was her bookshelf. I love to read books, so I went to see if there were any interesting books.  I scanned the book self, to come across a sea green diary covered by dust. I took the book out to see my mother’s name carved on the front. It was my mom’s diary.  I always wondered if she was the same uptight person she is now, when she was young.  Curiosity grew as I ran and sat on the bed.I flipped through the book, turning page by page. It was filled with writings. I decided to stop at one random page. It said,
Dear Diary
Today has been rather eventful and to mention a great start for my summer vacations. It started at the break of dawn, when all the houses which were withdrawn with silence suddenly started to overflow with greetings. Like every other house on the block, my house was no exception. Today, has everyone exited and my mother stressed as we all decided to go to Mumbai. Joining us on this trip is my dad’s two sisters, three brothers along with their families and moms 3 brothers along with their family. This whole trip has got all my cousins exited. So as soon as everyone came to my house, the mini- van taking us to the train station arrived. All the men were putting in our suitcases in them, while all the women were ensuring enough food has been cooked for everyone as it would be a long trip. In the meantime all my cousin and I planned put what to do during the journey. So once everyone got in the vanand settled down, the whole family decided to play antakshari as the train station was quite far off. The laughter we shared on many silly things, adults acting like children accusing one another for cheating were the little moments I would never forget.
On reaching the train station, a head count was taken to make sure to one got lost. Once that was done, we all got everything on the train and took our seats. Once everyone was settled we decided on playing charades. The teams this time were made on the basis of gender. Boys vs. Girls.  Of course we girls had the lead, for which the boys accused us for cheating and it drifted slowly from charades to a debate on which gender is better. But soon as time drifted away so did everyone’s energy and before you knew it, everyone is asleep. Though today events did not sound like much, I had a great time with my family and I knew we had many adventures ahead of us. All our little moments of joy and laughter will always be a constant reminder of the little moments that make up my life .
Yours Truly

The first thing I felt after reading this was a bit of jealousy. Never in 10 years of my life have I ever gone on a road trip. Dubai was a very small place and the longest journey I have ever been on, by car is a hour and a half. Another fact that dawned upon me was that never have I ever met the whole family in one place. I had a few cousins back home who I met frequently and then I have a lot of cousins here who I meet every time on my summer vacation. This is going to be the first time my whole family from Dubai, America, London and India would be coming over to my grandmother’s house. “Samara!! Where are you, Tanya and Rakesh are here” my mother yelled in a soft comforting tone that took me away from my thoughts. I did not realize how much of time had passed. Reading one entry from my mother journal gave me an insight on what my life should contain. I closed the diary, took a deep breath, kept it back as though it was untouched. “Coming, Ma” I said as I walked towards the sound of laughter that would make up little moments of my life and probably a very memorable summer vacation to write on in my holiday homework.

-Nikhita Menon
1st CEP

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