Sunday, 8 September 2013

Short Story - MEMORIES (ZUHA ALEEM GHORI 1313155)


Kiyaraaaa… my grandmother cried out, lunch is ready she said. I was busy cycling when the whiff of my nani’s kadhi was filling our veranda... My nani’s kadhi is something I can die for! Absolutely delicious! Coming nani! I screamed.
When I reached the dining table, nani was ready with a plate filled with kadhi chawal to stuff it in my mouth! She would always sing songs and only then would feed me food. This was the set routine for everyday.
After having dinner, I would always call up mom and dad and narrate them my stories that occurred throughout the day. Both of them lived in Bangalore and I lived in the most beautiful place ever created, ‘the queen of hill stations’-Ooty!! I lived here with my grandparents my nana and nani. Both of them loved and pampered me immensely!
One day while I was playing in our veranda my nana happened to early that day, as he saw me he came close, hugged me, and gave me a bunch of chocolates! My nana was a very well educated man, he was a professor in Geography, and his students loved him and had a lot of respect and reverence for him.
I loved listening to my nana’s stories, sitting on his lap I would learn about his adventures that he had when he was a child, how he became a professor, how he was delighted to see my nani for the first time and so on...
Nana was very liberal with me, he would let me make mud cakes, get wet in the rains, have ice creams, roadside food and things along those lines! However, nani…. Oh! She was a very strict person, a disciplinarian, and was very protective about me.
Whenever I think about my birthdays, I always remember my eight birthday, this was the last year I lived with my grandparents after which I shifted to Bangalore where I having been staying with my parents ever since. I was expecting a small gift from my grandparents, but got for me was beyond my imagination. They gifted me a cat- a furry white Persian cat! I had always told them as to much I adored and loved them, and there it was sitting in a cute little basket!
It has been seven years since this incident has happened, and today I am well settled in Bangalore, but I miss my nani and nana everyday…I always remember these days that spend I with the most amazing people, and cherish each and every moment I spend with them.
Well as for now they frequently come down to Bangalore to visit us and nani still says kiyaraaaaa… lunch is ready!!
                                                                  -Zuha Aleem Ghori
                                                                      I CEP.


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