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Essay - A scientific religion (KRISHNA S BHAT 1313133)

A scientific religion
From time immemorial religion and science haven't exactly gotten along well irrespective of religion. I believe that this is the fault of man, we have twisted the concept of religion over time. I do not believe in the concept of religion, rather in a higher power who created that spark of life. According to science, the most well known theory of creation is the Big Bang theory, no God involved. Just physics. But you can't just erase the concept of religion, it's existence is very important or all hell would break loose. We need a healthy mixture of the two. This is the best example for the phrase easier said than done!
I don't believe that we can fix this problem by educating our youth, on the contrary it can be achieved by creating awareness among the elderly. This is because the youth already know the problem through media. But they are forced to follow meaningless rituals and superstitions because they are at the mercy of they're parents( an older generation ). We need to educate the masses. We believe in superstitions, but not truly! We say that a cat crossing the street is bad luck, and that seeing a fox is good luck; and yet we don't keep the latter as a pet. We need to start asking for a reason and stop accepting things blindly. A sense of curiosity and inquisition must be inculcated. Religion is understanding ourselves whereas science is understanding the outside world. Man needs faith, something to believe in; at the same time he needs reason, something to explain the mysterious. Our epics, scriptures have a lot of wisdom. There is even evidence of string theory in the Vedas. In the book, "The lost symbol" it is stated that man is just rediscovering everything in science what our ancestors discovered in religion. We need a more evolved concept of religion.
Our present religion has many flaws. I'm a Hindu Brahmin  and the most disturbing aspect of this religion is discrimination. We do not hand anything to the maids at home, we toss it to them. We consider women to be unholy and unclean during their periods, we do not touch them or let them in the kitchen. This is an outrage, we live in the 21st century and yet so backward in our thoughts. We need a drastic change in our beliefs. We need an evolved religion.
What would an evolved religion be? A religion without discrimination. A religion where faith does not turn into blind faith. A religion where we question the reason for a ritual. Where open minded-ness is encouraged and new values are inculcated. We need to learn to question everything, and more importantly adults should teach their kids the reason behind our rituals. Reason behind every aspect of our heritage, our epics. For example, I'm absolutely sure that half of your youth don't know the wisdom behind draupadi having five husbands. It was not because their mother asked them to share whatever they had gotten. It was because draupadi, had earlier wished for a perfect husband and she was told that no such man exists, and when she insisted she was told that she would get she wanted. Each of the pandavas represent one quality which all together made a perfect husband. This shows that wisdom is hidden behind our rituals, but they've just been forgotten over the ages. We need to spread this wisdom. And along the same lines, we should start to involve science into religion. There is no harm in admitting that the Big Bang might have been the event of creation, because even science is based on assumptions. In science we prove and then we have faith in it and religion it's the other way round
Both science and religion have their flaws but I believe that these flaws can be overcome by involving the two together. We need a religion which is not threatened by the arrival of change, rather accept it. We need a religion which changes with change in certain aspects. The best way to do this is to create awareness among the adults and educating the youth and completely allow them the freedom of religion. The path to an evolved religion is long and filled with obstacles. We just need to have the patience and the perseverance to achieve this nearly impossible feat

- Krishna Bhat
1st CEP


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