Monday, 9 September 2013

Indian Filter Coffee- way of life in India (GROUP 5)

It’s astounding, what wonders a cup of filter coffee does. For some it brings around the memories of their childhood whereas for others it’s an irrevocable part of their daily lives. Coffee is a conduit to bond with their family for many and on the other hand it’s those unspoken lines expressed when long lost friends catch up.

While instant coffee has its trademark taste and aroma, nothing can beat the taste of the fresh cup of south Indian filter coffee. South Indian filter coffee often called Indian Filter Coffee was first served on 8th you will see people enjoying hot streaming coffee.

New age coffee shops with their swanky couches and bloated prices may have introduced a new culture in drinking coffee but even today filter coffee are the favorites among the people in India.

Believe us or not when we interviewed people they did not just introduce filter coffee as mere coffee. Its was an inevitable past of their lives. Some spoke about how business deals cannot be dealt without a cup of coffee in their hands. While others had a story to share about how a woman is accepted by their in laws on the basis of the aroma of her filter coffee. Whereas the students talk spoke about how they cannot go without filter coffee during their exams. A retired DSP Bangalore Police approaches coffee as a stress buster to cope up with the pile of work on his desk every day.

Indian filter coffee is a way of life which invokes cultural and traditional approach of their lifestyles.

Kanishk Dhupad 1313109
Hurmat Klair 1313136
Ishaan Day 1313108
Tanya Agrawal 1313130
Devanshi Deva 1313116

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