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The Interpretation of Love (ABHEET SINGH ANAND 1313101)

This assignment, titled "The Interpretation of Love" is based on the short-film, 'The Invention of Love' by Andrey Shushkov. It is inspired by the poem (in the syllabus) Love at First Sight by Wislawa Szymborska.

The Interpretation of Love
(A letter from a lost lover to his forever beloved.)

Dear friend and lover,
            It has been ten thousand days since I last saw you. Saw those glistening eyes staring at me, with love and grief.. I had become a monster by then. A monster who sought perfection. I would arrange and rearrange, organise and reorganise, fix and rebuild my belongings until they seemed perfect again. This was all until I saw you. You were my vision of perfection. A vision that was truly epitomised by your human form.
I write these letters to you, now, as a way of finding solace within myself. Is it reproach? Is it self-loathing? What is it that drives me to write you these letters, knowing full well that you will never read them? Maybe it’s a sense of closure. Closure with the fact that you’re gone because of my monstrosity and there’s nothing I can do to bring you back. I still hold the rose you’d plucked out of the ground on the first night I’d laid my eyes on you. It was at that fleeting glance that I knew I’d met Perfection. Little did you know that I would soon drive you to your very end because of my search for perfection, even though I already had her. We’d spent the rest of the night by feeding our souls with the warmth of companionship. Of friendship and love. We’d felt bonds that we’d never felt before. We felt love. And as all things may come to be, we did too. We were blessed by the heavens to spend the rest of eternity forever. Forever.. It’s a word that seems to surreal. We were still consumed by this ethereal experience that we called love and it wouldn’t go away. Maybe we didn’t want it to go away?
            I soon took you away on a journey. A journey that will now see an untimely end. I took you away to the city. The books and fortunes of old had said to never take away the innocence of a country girl by taking her away from it. I took you away, for what I thought was the better. Little did I know that the sickness of the world would lead you into the dark. I now battle my own instincts as I look at the glassy-eyed you that I built to console me. A clockwork you, my love. A machine who’s heart beats because I made it so, not one that beats on its own accord. My lunacy drove me to fix you.. To build you. But, I can hold no more conversations within myself and reminisce no more about the things that could’ve been if I hadn’t let you succumb to the sickness of the world. It’s time I let you go, and let myself go. I cannot live by myself anymore, looking through the glassy-eyed you.
Not a single day goes by that I spend in regress of the things I could’ve done to save you from myself. If only you’d seen that other side to me earlier.. I could’ve prevented all of this. But, I needed you. I still do. If you are looking over me right now and reading this then do know that I love you, my other half. And I do apologise for doing you wrong.. I shall soon be joining you. Ten thousand days in the fire are long enough, I’m coming home.This is the last letter I will write, my forevermore lover. I will be returning to Forever to spend time with my Perfection. Do accept me as I was and as I am.
                                                Your friend and lover,

Name: Abheet Singh Anand     
Class: I CEP

Roll Number: 1313101

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