Monday, 9 September 2013

FEARLESS (Melita Stella D'Souza 1313122)

In light of the topic lajwanti, I have attempted to sketch a dauntless and lionhearted woman who is not afraid to step outside the clichéd societal norms of our country. She neither allows anybody to ‘put her in her place’, nor allows herself to be told where she should and should not be. She is not the kind of girl who sits and waits for a knight in shining armor but rather, a woman who can stand tall and walk alone to paint the night.
She is beautiful, courageous, proud and free and the one who would be dancing to the music of life, breaking through societal boundaries. It’s not that she has no fears, but that she has the will to face them fiercely. She is a woman who would celebrate her femininity with confident steps as she walks shoulder to shoulder with the patriarchal society; a society with a school of thought which – despite being years past such outdated ideals – is still predominant.
She chooses to live and love life in all its colours, sounds and sights. She chooses to stop and smell the roses, even if it meant she missed the last train. She is a woman who is pure in her ideas, committed to her word, and thorough in her work.
She is how woman should be, unshackled by the whims of ancestral times; having the power to create, nurture and transform when she wills it.

She is fearless.

-Melita Stella D'Souza
1st CEP

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