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Movie Review - P.S I Love You (GROUP 1)

Movie Review : P.S.I Love You
If you knew your life was ending, would you think up a way to help your spouse or your loved ones to move on? P.S. I love you – The movie is a wonderful example for it .Hillary Swank plays the role of Holly and Gerard Buttler plays the role of Jerry Kennedy who dies of brain tumour at an early age. The entire movie revolves around how he plans an entire year for Holly after his death through a letter every month, a holiday and a lot of other exciting events. Jerry Kennedy knows he’s going to die and concocts a plan to help his wife Holly (Swank) make it through the grieving process and start over without him.

Both Holy and Jerry are completely different in their own ways . She always wanted to do something of her own in life , and Jerry on the other hand is willing to do anything and everything to make his wife feel happy and special . They both have different personalities and different ways of thinking . Holy was always serious about her work and never had fun and her husband on the other hand was a fun-loving Irish hunk with a wicked sense of humor. Despite the occasional bad moments and their clashing personalities, their marriage is a strong one.

But the Kennedys aren’t given a ‘happily ever after’ ending to their relationship. Jerry succumbs to an illness and Holly’s left to handle life without her best friend. Depressed, Holly becomes a hermit in the home she shared with Jerry. She withdraws from her friends Denise (Lisa Kudrow) and Sharon (Gina Gershon) and won’t respond to phone calls from her concerned mom, Patricia (Kathy Bates). Holly’s miserable and inconsolable  . And this is  where Jerry’s letters comes in handy , it is through these letters written by him , Jerry helps Holy to get over her feelings of being a widow and to become a strong independent woman  and at the same time help her discover what she wants to do in life .

Death and the grieving process aren’t the usual setups for a romantic comedy and director LaGravenese obviously had to walk a very fine line to keep the film from becoming maudlin. The film hits a few speed bumps by relying on the delivery of letters to prompt Holly into action, because there becomes a point in the film in which the letters seem to be a hindrance in Holly’s ability to just get on with things. The audience is left to wonder if she wouldn’t have actually moved on quicker had she stopped getting these reminders from the past sooner. Of course, the flip side of that argument is that it would have meant the end of Butler’s presence in the film early on, something which wouldn't sit well with fans of the talented actor.

Fortunately, the appealing cast makes the at times shaky premise of P.S. I Love You work. A little on the predictable side, P.S. I Love You is however an uplifting story of loss and the ability to recover from tragedy that may have you reaching for a tissue or two before the credits roll.

We got a plethora of views from the public after which we ourselves sat down and watched the movie and came up with different points. We then clubbed our views on it and wrote our movie review.

Here’s what a few friends  had to say  when they were asked what they thought of the movie ….  :D

“A very 'hard to believe' kind of a concept that is portrayed. Normally after being married for eight to ten years there is a balance that the couple achieve but the love that is shown in the movie is too fanatical in terms of conceptualisation. It doesn't relate to the audience and is unrealistic.” - Sumedha

“It doesn't do justice to the book at all. They could've casted better. The actors could've worked better in terms of acting. Since I read the book before watching the movie, it didn't appeal to me much.” - Noella

“A pretty good movie. If you like love stories it will be the first movie I would suggest you should watch. The book is however better. All in all it's a good movie.” - Aradhana

“The movie is fine. But I expected better because I read the book first. It didn't show every single scene as is given in the book. But if you haven't read the book and you just watch the movie, then it's awesome.” - Maria

“It's a great movie. It connects to the audience. The feelings come across to the audience and it feels real. The actors have acted well. They have portrayed the idea of true love and also the concept of moving on in love in an amazing way.” - Sneha

“Is a refreshing movie to watch compared to all the other romantic movies. The story is really good an you can never predict what happens next “ - Veda

“ Its an amazing movie ! For me , that is true love. It shows that love exists no matter what . Jerry realizes Holly’s love for him and wants her to stay happy even after his death . He knows her better than she knows herself. That’s the sign of true love. Holly refuses to move on . That’s commitment  Altogether, it’s a fabulous movie . “ - Rupali

“It’s a movie that explores the themes of true love and loss as well as that of learning to exist alone and live without your partner . It follows the lives of Holly and Gerry and  how even after his death he arranges to look out for her . All in all a  different perspective on love and refreshingly original”.  - Rohini

“PS I love you is a very touching love story that portrays how deep love can be that it lives even after the person dies. Its very refreshing and hope giving to see that love like that exists . The actors did an amazing job in playing the characters . Overall it was a very nice experience watching the movie .” - Malavika

“Its not realistic! Butler was too good for the role (she is a big fan of his !! ;) ) Very unreal “ - Akhila

“Great plot . But probabaly it wont reach out to people who don’t believe in love . I find it really cheesy .” - Santosh

“An extraordinary love story . Wonderful plot . It indicates that love is an amazing emotion that lasts for a lifetime no matter what happens . Even after death of Jerry , Holly finds his presence everywhere .” - Maria

“It’s a sob story “   – Arohi

“ PS I love you is an expression of unconditional love that transcends time and death . The movie talks about 2 inseparable lovers whose journey is hindered by the untimely death of one of them . It however also focuses on the depth of love that forever lives on in our memories . “       – Madhuri

“PS I love you , talks about an irrevocable and unconditional romance between a married couple. The movie is depicted in such a manner that it does not put upto the expectations of the viewer like the book does . “ - Tanya

“ It’s a sweet , honest love story that makes you feel all the emotions within the two hours . You feel happiness , sadness , worry and most importantly love . If you have  friends who don’t cry watching movies , make them see this one and see the change . “  - Rimjhim

“I love that movie though its sad movie . I’m going to watch it again ! “ - Anadhya

“I don’t like the movie much . I watched the starting and fell asleep. Gerard Butler is hot ! “ - Suma

“We went in with a lot of expectations..came out disappointed ! “ - John Alexander

We would like to thank Mr.Felix Thomas , our English teacher who gave us the opportunity to do such an interesting assignment . We would also like to thank our friends and classmates who took out time and very willingly gave us their reviews . Our group comprises of :

Sreelakshmi K.V (1st CEP - 1313129)
Lisa Susan Abraham (1st CEP - 1313118)
Himali K (1st CEP - 1313150)
Ishita Mary Ann John  (1st CEP - 1313151)

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